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Propane Natural Gas

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Manufactured in the great state of Ohio!

Gassmoker is dedicated to converting Charcoal/Wood/Electric smokers to gas and supporting DIY’s to properly fit burners to their design. Although most smoker will not require any modifications some may. Remember you are changing a fuel supply that your smoker was not designed for.

⮝ Duel Fuel Options Available ⮝

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It’s so simple to produce the good “BLUE SMOKE”!! Just stuff your favorite wood, stick or chunk form into a 28 to 48 oz. food can and replace it over the edge of the burner. All Gassmoker burners have placements to steady the can. You will have perfect smoke in under 1 minute! Typically 1 can will last over an hour under normal smoking temeratures.

Note: Food grade cans have a coating that needs to be burnt off before use for smoking.