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If you’re serious about smoking meats, and you’re still using wood or charcoal, you need to consider one of our AfterburnerTM units.

Our devices are built upon the needs of Control, Conversion, and Economy.

Cook a 20 lb. turkey in your charcoal/wood smoker in 6-20 hours for $6.

Or convert your smoker using our AfterburnerTM  gas converter and cook a 20 lb. turkey in about 3 hours for $1.50.

You won’t be disappointed! 

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The AfterburnerTM comes complete with U/L hose & regulator, and a Brass control valve that lets you adjust the flame from a whopping 14,000BTU’s to a whispering low for delicate foods like fish or jerky. The propane regulator fits both the “old” and “new” type tank fitting.  The AfterburnerTM is available in Propane or Natural Gas…or both… ask for “dual fuel”.







Converting a smoker with the AfterburnerTM is easy. In most cases, you just remove the support legs from the bottom of the smoker body, and then the charcoal pan.  You still use the water pan, just like before.  Smokers with a two piece base (a charcoal pan inside of a base pan, and most electric smokers) are even easier…  you just lift the smoker off the base pan and set it down on top of the AfterburnerTM.  No screws, no holes to drill… nothing complicated… and the AfterburnerTM comes with complete instructions.  Fits all round, vertical water smokers up to 18 inch diameter.


Q: How much does it cost to cook a 20 pound turkey?

A) $6.00 (on a warm day)                           B) about $1.50 (1/4th the cost)











Q: How long does it take?    

A)   6 to 12 hrs.                                            B)  less than 3 hrs. (half the time)

The AfterburnerTM can easily cook a 20 pound turkey in UNDER 3 hours!  It can cook four times cheaper and at least twice as fast as charcoal.  Even electric smokers can’t begin to compare with the speed and control of gas. TheAfterburnerTM can easily pay for itself in only one season of use. You’ll enjoy using your smoker more often, because it’s easier, quicker, more dependable and much cleaner. No more getting up in the middle of the night to stoke up the charcoal.  No more nasty charcoal pan to clean up after dinner!  No more finishing the job in your microwave oven!  And, making smoke is a snap with our EZ-Smoke method of smoldering your favorite wood. (Click here: EZ Smoke).