It doesn’t get any easier!





Making smoke doesn’t get much easier! Use a 26 oz., or larger, juice can or coffee can. Cut out one end only. Place the wood in the can, lay it sideways on the burner, open end away from the flame, and you’ll see smoke within sixty seconds!   You don’t have to pre-soak the wood when you use the large chunks (as shown above) . If you like a lot of smoke, just keep an extra can loaded and ready…  swap it out when needed. (You can even put two cans on the V-Burner at the same time. You control the heat and the smoke with theAfterburnerTM






The Afterburner-H uses the same proven method of smoke generation that has been so successful in our V-Burner gas conversions.  You simply use large chunks of  wood in the can and place the closed end of the can in the ‘cutout’ on the grill.  You’ll see smoke in less than 60 seconds… no more soaking wood chips, wrapping them in foil, and all that other baloney!… and when you’re done cooking, it’s easy cleanup because all the mess is in the can.  If you like lots of smoke, keep an extra can ready, and just swap it out when you want more. 

NOTE: If the wood catches on fire, you won’t get any smoke!   So simply cover the open end of the can with a couple of layers of aluminum foil.  Then poke a hole through the foil with your thumb… this will let the smoke come out of the can, and let enough air into the can to keep the wood smoldering… but not quite enough to let the wood burn.