We have several products that will fit almost any need with regard to converting conventional smokers to gas smokers.  Please feel free to browse our offerings and see if there’s something that fits your needs. If you have questions, please call (740)323-0747. Ask for Brad.  Or, you can e-mail me at


Cabinet Type Smokers

This drop-in burner was designed for cabinets with small flat floor space. These style smokers are usually insulated and more air tight so a smaller jet size is used.


Installed in a few seconds,this burner has a slight offset when installed so the smoke can sit at a slight angle against the inside ceramic. For regular grilling the diffuser plate is recommended to keep the dripping off the burner.






Fits Most Horizontal Burners

This burner is used in the side compartment of most horizontal smoker/grill where the charcoal or wood would burn. It will cradle in a round burn box or legs can be added for a flat box.




This is our biggest standard burner made for the larger jobs. Can develop  up to 112,000 BTU’s. Most popular for trailer type cookers.






Mini-V Burner

This burner was designed to fit a variety of vertical smoker/grills. Also used in Barrel smokers like the Whiskey or Wood barrels.








This was the first generation burner, simple and it works, just set the smoker on top the burner assembly.





Propane and Natural Gas


All our burners can be outfitted to use either natural gas or propane,or, if you would like we will set the unit up to accept both.

The “dual fuel” option lets you run the Afterburner on propane or natural gas. It’s for those folks who want to run their Afterburner on natural gas at home, but convert to propane for camping, fishing, tailgating, etc. This inexpensive option lets you convert back and forth between fuels without any hassle.

For the V-burner (mini-V) and C-burner, you simply lift the burner unit out of the base pan, rotate it to align with the optional gas jet, and set it back down in the base pan (less than five seconds time).

For the H-burner and the D-burner, you remove the existing gas stem, and replace it with a gas stem of the alternate fuel. It only involves one or two nuts, and takes less than a minute.

All “dual fuel” models include the gas stem/jet assembly for natural gas. All propane and natural gas models use 3/8″ flare fittings, which are very common on BBQ equipment.  Request it on the orderform, or call it in @ 740-323-0747 (ask for Brad).



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