We have several products that will fit almost any need with regard to converting conventional smokers to gas smokers.  Please feel free to browse our offerings and see if there’s something that fits your needs. If you have questions, please call (740)323-0747. Ask for Brad.


Fits Most Vertical Smokers




Fits Most Horizontal Smokers


Integrated Burner/Grill:






The burner/grill uses the same burner that has powered thousands of vertical smokers for over 10 years without a single failure (it is warranted for 10 years against burnout).  The grill is made of #6 (very heavy) expanded steel for long life.  The grill has a cutout that allows the closed end of the smoke can to rest on the top of the burner, the same successful configuration used in the vertical Afterburner from day one.

Variable Fuel Regulator:


The standard fuel system for the Afterburner-H features a variable regulator that isadjustable from 0 to 10psi.  The regulator works with the “old” or “new” type tank fittings.  In tests, installed in a Brinkmann S&P, the Afterburner-H topped out at 460 degrees in less than 15 minutes.  Now that’s hot stuff when you need it!  Fuel consumption is rated at 2# per hour (56,000 BTUs)… that’s wide open, which few folks will ever use for very long.  It’s also available in natural gas, which tops out at about 325 degrees… hot enough for cold weather cooking… and we also have a “dual fuel” option (run either propane or natural gas).  You simply change the gas jet stem, which takes less than five minutes.




You control the heat by adjusting the regulator and the exhaust damper.  You set the exhaust damper to retain as much heat as possible without restricting the burner flame.  (The fresh air intake vent is left open at least 1/2 way, and does not play a role in controlling the temperature.)


Water Pan:


A water pan can be used with the Afterburner-H.  Use a 9inch cake pan or meatloaf pan (or other).  The water boils and helps maintain a saturated atmosphere to keep food from drying out while being smoke-cooked.  Also,  water vapor is one of the by-products of burning gas, which helps keep food moist.  (Check the water level frequently and avoid running out.)


Mini V-Burner New!

for Weber Smokey Mtn. (et. al.) 

For those meat smokers with a round base,  we have redesigned the V-burner into a more compact configuration.  The new pan is 12-1/2″ across and 2″ high.

Mini-V1  Mini-V2








Drill (or cut) a 1″ hole into the side of the smoker base, and install the gas stem through it… the rubber gas line stays well outside of the smoker.

Mini-V3 Mini-V4







The Mini-v uses the same reliable EZ-smoke system and the same burner and gas control system as our ever-popular V-burner.

Mini-V5  Mini-V6





For Large Smokers

The Dually is twice as hot as the Afterburner – H. It’s for those really big smokers (some with wheels and trailer hitches) whose owners aren’t afraid to say goodbye to towing a trailer load of firewood everywhere they go. It uses the same proven EZ Smoke generation system that has been so successful on the Afterburner – V & H series. Clean burning, predictable gas does the cooking, and the only wood you need is for making smoke… Oh what a relief it is!


The grill measures (approx) 18″ wide X 16″ deep X 4″ high. It can be configured without the corner legs for use in cylindrical fireboxes.

DBurn3 DBurn4







The dually uses the same 0 -10 psi adjustable regulator with two burners coupled together for awesome firepower (112,000 BTUs).  Fuel consumption is approx. 4# per hour wide open(which you’ll rarely need to do).   Although it’s unlikely that you would require such intensity for that long a period of time, it’s there for start-ups or catch-ups or whatever else might be required.  (The Dually is not intended to be used as a fire starter, and should never be used with supplementary fuels such as wood, charcoal, coal, pellets etc.  These can cause damage to the metal grate, which is a part of the gas control system.) 


Dual Fuel

Propane and Natural Gas

DualFuel1DuelFuel2 DuelFuel3

The “dual fuel” option lets you run the Afterburner on propane or natural gas. It’s for those folks who want to run their Afterburner on natural gas at home, but convert to propane for camping, fishing, tailgating, etc. This inexpensive option lets you convert back and forth between fuels without any hassle.

For the V-burner (mini-V) and C-burner, you simply lift the burner unit out of the base pan, rotate it to align with the optional gas jet, and set it back down in the base pan (less than five seconds time).

For the H-burner and the D-burner, you remove the existing gas stem, and replace it with a gas stem of the alternate fuel. It only involves one or two nuts, and takes less than a minute.

All “dual fuel” models include the gas stem/jet assembly for natural gas. All propane and natural gas models use 3/8″ flare fittings, which are very common on BBQ equipment. We can supply a natural gas hose in 12 foot length for $27.00. Request it on the orderform, or call it in @ 740-323-0747 (ask for Brad).



Cabinet Type Smokers

This drop-in burner works in nearly any fridge or freezer, because it requires very little flat floor for installation.  (The floor cutout is approx. 7″ X 11″.)








(A steel inner liner and fiberglass insulation are necessary for a conversion.)