Who else can offer the choice of either propane or natural gas or a combination of both? Use natural gas at home and propane when you take your smoker with you. Although all the burners are the same, they have been fitted to some of the most popular smokers for ease of use. It only takes a few minutes or less to switch back and forth. These units are designed for lower heat ranges, which are critical for smoking. We replace the “Turkey Fryer” burners constantly due to the heat range they cannot achieve.


Designed for vertical units the mini-v is a direct fit for the Weber Smokey Mountain. It also fits Brinkman and many other manufactures and is the #1 choice for DIY barrel smokers.


Designed for cabinet or refrigerator conversions that have limited floor space to cut out. Typically these units are modified for super low flame due to smoker design, ie. insulated very tight units, where lower BTU’s are needed.


Great unit for all horizontal side fire box smokers. Designed for the Oklahoma Joe. Legs are only needed if your fire box has a flat bottom.


For those larger smokers that have larger volumes to heat.


Designed for the ceramic “Egg” smokers. It fits very well in the lower diffuser. It is also used in many other smokers due to its low profile.